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SEO is the dynamic practice of optimizing a website by enhancing inner and outer aspects to expand the activity the website accepts from internet searchers (search engines). Firms that practice SEO can differ; some have an exceptionally specific center, while others take a more wide and general methodology. Optimizing a website for web indexes can assume taking a look at such a variety of interesting components that numerous experts of SEO�s view themselves as to be in the wide field of website improvement, since so a considerable lot of the aforementioned components link.

What we teach you in this free SEO workshop?

If you know a mite about SEO as of recently, or you're a complete new learner, the workshops will support you with all the basic knowledge, techniques and tools you have to run a successful SEO. Our SEO presentations will demonstrate to you simple procedures that will have a vast effect, for example patching up your website structure, updating your Meta information and generating magic word rich content.

What we teach you in this free SEO workshop?

During these sessions we will mainly discuss about online marketing which includes basic SEO, Social media marketing, web development and PPC, latest updating of online marketing as well.

The main aim of this workshop is involves planning website, placing the keywords at the right place for each page, implementing changes, analyzing performance strategies to increase the website's popularity.

What is in it for you?

You will get a chance to study bundle knowledge about Search Engine Optimization. Having a website is no worth if nobody can find your website in search engines. Also it�s a well-known actuality that nobody ever goes on page two of Google's search. So how would you get in the top ten?

Seriously, SEO consultants (advisors) are much in demand. Normally many SEO consultants� conducts SEO workshops which cost huge money. However, our SEO workshop is absolutely quality value and provides you complete theory knowledge. This is true workshop that you can add to your resume, and have your name relates to a website that is as of now high in Google's Page Rank. This is unique opportunity for everyone.

We generally conduct one day face to face communication workshop to corporate companies that will surely help them to use cost benefit online marketing service to create their business, increase target visitors to their website and excellent growth of the business.

What is in it for you?


Minimum number of guests 5 � maximum 15 guests.

HALF DAY WORKSHOPS for larger groups

10am � 2pm OR 2pm � 6pm
Minimum 10 guests � maximum 20 guests.

We will submit all over the workshop topics in advance to you.


4pm � 9pm
Minimum 10 guests � maximum 20 guests

We will submit all over the workshop topics in advance to you.

Course Fees

Phone:  + 91 44 4355 1321
Mobile:  + 91 97 9112 2018

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